I Know A Place

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"There is a balm in Gilead, to save the sin-sick soul, to make one whole" the old spiritual sings. In our walk in this life, we grow weary. Though we are wasting outwardly, Jesus faithfully renews our spirit. He is the author, the perfecter and finisher of our faith. So it doesn't matter if the archers fix their bows or if the waves rise higher than before. The righteous tree who offers life still stands and in him we can find rest.


Lyrics & Composition - Evangelin

Verse 1
I know a place,A righteous tree
Near streams of living water.His leaves are evergreen.
Nothing you wish for compares to He.
Long life is in his right hand.All his paths are peace.

If you touch his feet, you will be healed.
If you hold his limbs, you will be strong.
If you eat his fruit, you will taste and see,
you'll taste and see he is good.

Verse 2
Bitter attacks. The archers plot.
To strangle your way in me.
Give me faith oh Lord.
Hard-pressed on every side,
I feel these growing pains,
I see the stretch marks still I
trust you'll bring forth my joy.


To live is Christ, To die is gain

The ointment for your wounds, it is he.
Water for parched throat.
The oil for your weary head
Perfume for heartbreaking death.


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