Wild Love

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Once we were lost, blind, deaf and dumb. But by the unrestrained love of God in Jesus, we have a new song to sing. A new melody to dance to. He took the fall for us once and for all. "Wild Love" is the song of the freed captives. It is a celebration of the promised city for the sojourners, a city that does not need the Sun, for the Lamb of God is present there forevermore .


Lyrics & Composition - Evangelin

Verse 1
He came from heaven, he brought it down.
To give me a kingdom.
He bowed his head, down to the dust.
To give me a crown.

Such a wild wild love,
He drew me out of the pit.
He drew me out of the pit.
The tongue of the mute shall sing.

Verse 2
He chose love, the strongest weapon.
To slay the darkness in me.
He chose to let, the serpent bruise his heel.
He took the fall for me.


Verse 3
I am a captive, released from my bondage.
I am a desert that blooms forever,
Nursed with milk and honey.


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