Sleeping Generation ft Ankie

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Ephesians 5:14 - And so it is said, "Wake up sleeper, rise from dead, and Christ will shine on you". We are a generation depraved in our ways, yet broken in more ways than one. We are blinded and bridled like slave horses. We think we are free but we are not. We're brainwashed indeed serving and conforming to the rhythm of this world. So I'll be like the voice in the desert, crying to this sleeping generation, "Please see the ways of my Lord".


Lyrics & Composition - Evangelin

Verse 1
Blind eyes, sleeping generation.
Deaf ears, sleeping generation.
Veiled hearts, sleeping generation.
Chained hands, sleeping generation.

Main Verse
Sleeping generation, with our disabilities and liabilities.
We build monuments and conquer cities.
We dig our own graves through our own ways.
After the throne of darkness to take up the crown of sadness.
Engrave our skin with scars and break our own hearts.
Lying in the dust, chasing after stars.
But the one who hung on the tree,
He died for you, He died for me.
In the shades of his love, Jesus painted you red.
Jesus poured out like water, heart melted like wax.
To architect our steps from the rubble of our sin.
So throw away your purple satin robes,
Jesus made you righteous, white as snow.
Break it down, what my hands have built;
oh build your kingdom here.
The weight of every curse has shifted,
The Accuser, he stands forever shaken.
Oh Break it down, what my hands have built,
Oh build your kingdom here.

Verse 2
It's time, sleeping generation.
To rise, sleeping generation.
It's time sleeping generation.
To rise in Jesus name.

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