The Passion of Christ

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Jesus exchanged the throne for the place of a mere footstool because he desired to love us and wash us clean. It's this intense passion of Jesus that inspires me even today to set this world burning with his fire. There is a reason he put a song on my tongue and there is a reason for the comfort I enjoy. This is the cause of Christ in me : To serve others selflessly as he did. To love and be loved. Amen.


Lyrics & Composition - Evangelin

Verse 1
Don't want to be a bird without a song.
Don't want to be a sail without the wind.
Don't want to lose my place inside your heart.
Don't want to be a part of the crowd
when you've called me by my name.
Just wanna do all the things you do.

When you bent your knees, to wash my feet.
You dried my eyes, I want the passion of Christ.

Verse 2
Mindful of the words that you said,
"What's yours is mine, what's mine is yours".
Jesus, you pursued me zealously.
So light the wick, fan the flame.
Every breath in your name.
Sticks and stones can't serve you. So I will.


Teach my feet to walk on uneven roads (bend your knees)
Teach my spirit to love when everything in me runs cold. (Wash their feet)
Teach me to set fire in places that need the most.
Teach me lord. Teach me lord. Teach me....
Sticks and stones can't serve you so I will


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