Fiber of Fear (It is Finished.)

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Fear is a tactic well used by the enemy, It can paralyze us. Suddenly, even the truth seems like a mirage in a desert. Unreal. But the voice of truth tells us a different story. Jesus paid it all at the cross where he set us free. And if Jesus walked away from the grave, so can we. We have a godly heritage which the enemy wants us to desperately forget. But that indeed is our reality that Jesus wants us to dearly embrace. It is Finished.


Written & Composed - Evangelin

Verse 1
Every fiber of fear, intertwined. Clinging onto my skin.
You are a scorn, you are a shame, you're a wretch.
You have fallen from grace.
The enemy seeks to steal, kill and shatter every bit of my peace.

Pre chorus
But then I hear a voice, like mighty rushing water,
Vanquishing the noise.

Oh my soul, this is not the end. No longer walk alone
in your body of death.
Jesus has released you from this bondage,
saying it is finished.

Verse 2
Love like a storm, slowly yet surely consumes my soul.
He's like a whisper on the wind, tender
Healing and heaving my heaviness.

Pre chorus
And his kindness wept for my misery when my weakness called out to his strength.


Oh my enemy, do not gloat over me.
Though I sit in darkness, Lord will be my light.
Oh my enemy, do not gloat over me.
Though I fall, In Jesus I will rise.


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